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Babysits & Caribu

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Parents, families, and people in general across the world are doing a great job following guidelines for social distancing and self quarantining, and coping with the new situations and challenges that arise due to this. However, it can still be a tough situation, parents who are now working from home may still be in need of someone to entertain their child so that they can have a meeting or really focus on something. Luckily, Babysits and Caribu can help!

Remote babysitting can be a valuable resource in this case, and our friends at Caribu can help make a remote babysitting experience even better!

We've happily partnered up with Caribu, a kid-friendly video calling app, named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019. Within the app, children and trusted people can read, draw, and do activities together in a real-time video-call. Connecting your babysitter and child through Caribu ensures children are interacting with age-appropriate content and are socializing in a safe and secure environment. By working together, Babysits and Caribu are providing a better remote babysitting experience for your child. Caribu has also graciously provided free and unlimited app access during this time!

How Caribu can help parents and remote babysitters

While our new routine has turned into zoom meetings and keeping the kids out of mischief, how can we stay focused while keeping the kids entertained? Hiring a remote babysitter during your zoom meetings or conference calls will help ease your stress and allow you to be a bit more productive at working from home. During your next zoom meeting, why not schedule a remote babysitter meeting for your child as well?

By using Caribu, the child and babysitter can both talk and see each other, and at the same time they can also engage and share an on-screen activity with the option to read, play games, or draw together. Not only are these screen activities an ideal icebreaker, but it is also an excellent way for the child and remote babysitter to build up a relationship.


Reading buddies

Remote babysitters not only allow you to concentrate, but they also can help support your child’s daily reading through Caribu. Your child can browse through Caribu’s vast library of best-selling children’s books with their babysitter and accomplish their reading for the day. As your kid lounges on the couch, they can immerse themselves in the iPad by reading, for example, the book Aladdin and The Magical Lamp, Landon Rides The Subways or Petter Rabbit with your remote babysitter. While you can get away with getting some work done, you can find comfort in knowing they are receiving social interaction from their remote babysitter, who is virtually present and engaged. This is even more beneficial because if your child is unsure about how to read a word or what it means, the babysitter is there reading along to help them out!

Caribu reading

Your babysitter’s role revolves around providing as much support as they can, remotely. In today’s tech-driven world, teaching your kids healthy technology use habits can be difficult. Using Caribu just makes it that much easier. Not every child is a disciplined reader, and sometimes it is a challenge for kids to read on their own. However, reading with a remote babysitter becomes an engaging, fun activity and an overall positive experience. Caribu which can be described as “Facetime meets Kindle” and your remote babysitter can be thought of as a reading coach.

Supervised Screen Time

We know our screentime is higher than usual nowadays, particularly with most people being home in the current situation. While keeping your kids preoccupied with a tablet isn't always ideal, it is an option and it’s even better when it can be supervised. Individuals need to remain socially connected, despite the physical distance. Having a remote babysitter for an hour out of the day will keep your kids preoccupied while providing your kids with social interaction and virtual supervision. While you are taking care of business, your child can be playing ‘blind draw’, (where one person draws an image with their eyes closed, and the other person tries to guess what it is) or be playing connect the dots with their babysitter on Caribu. Supervised screen time with a remote babysitter in this regard can be safer, more socially engaging, and more educational for children. Remote babysitting with Caribu is a new exciting activity for your kids to look forward to, especially now that we have to organize our own routines.

Getting started with Caribu is as simple as downloading the app (on iOS, Android, or their website) and creating an account. From here, you can share your Caribu number with the babysitter or family you are working with and schedule a remote babysitting call on Caribu!

However, for safety purposes and as advice, you can always delete the number and re-add it whenever you plan another Caribu call, so that no one can make unscheduled or accidental calls.

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