DIY School Supplies for Back to School

DIY School Supplies for Back to School

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By Babysits
4 min read

The new term is coming, so why not start the school year with some fun and easy DIY school supplies?

If you're looking for some inspiration to start the new school year with a bang, this is the place for you!
These crafts are not only fun and colourful, but can also help adults and kids alike to be more organised and motivated.

Painted Corkboard Wall Organiser


  • Corkboard
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper
  • Pencil/marker
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush




  1. Design your stencil (we are choosing to decorate our board with flowers, but let your imagination roam free!), cut out the centre and tape the edges back together if necessary.
  2. Prep the corkboard: if you don’t want the frame to be painted, use masking tape to cover it.
  3. Tape the stencil to the place on the board you would like the final drawing to be.
  4. Sponge until the colour is fully opaque.
  5. Repeat until you are satisfied with the final product.
  6. Use a black marker to add details when dry and you are done!

Ocean Floor Pencil Holder


  • Air-Drying Clay
  • Water
  • Acrylic Paint
  • PVA glue
  • Brushes




  1. Make a clay snake: the longer the bigger your pencil holder will be.
  2. Roll one end of the clay snake in a spiral.
  3. Once it has reached your desired width, start stacking the clay onto the last ring of the spiral and repeat the same motion until you get to the height you want.
  4. With damp fingers, smooth out the rings until the surface is even, and let dry.
  5. Time to paint! Go crazy, the more colourful the better!
  6. Once the paint has dried, apply a generous coat of PVA glue all over so your design lasts longer.


Bubble Print Notebook Cover


  • Straw
  • Soap
  • Bowls (as many as the colours you want to use)
  • Water
  • Paint
  • Paper




  1. In a bowl of water, pour one or two pumps of dish soap and a generous amount of paint. This varies depending on the kind of paint you are using, so you might have to try a couple of different combinations before getting the right one for your project.
  2. With a straw, blow bubbles until they reach the top of the bowl, then quickly place the paper of your choice (we recommend using one that’s on the thicker side) over it. Repeat until you’re happy with the results.
  3. You can use this method to decorate notebook covers, greeting cards and even gift wrapping paper!


Pom pom Bookmark


  • Fork
  • Scissors
  • Yarn


  1. Wrap the yarn around the fork tines, leaving a longer piece in the beginning. Remember the more times you wrap it the denser the pompoms will be.
  2. Take a long piece of yarn and tie it tightly around the centre of the wrapped yarn. Cut the two ends to be the same length as the other piece you previously left out.
  3. Cut the two sides of the bundle.
  4. Now that your pompom is ready, you can shape it and adjust any loose threads, but be careful not to cut the piece you used to tie the middle.


  1. Braid the longer pieces you have left out and knot them together in the end. Your bookmark is now ready to be used!


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