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Why using bookings?

Manage babysitting appointments with ease

All you need, in one place. With bookings you can schedule appointments, view all upcoming and completed bookings, and download payment receipts for every booking - in one simple overview.

Secure payments

Booking through Babysits is a safe and secure way to pay or get paid. Your bank information is not shared with other Babysits members and with our payment provider Stripe we can keep the transaction secure and reduce fraud.

Guaranteed, simple and cashless

Babysitters can rely on guaranteed payments, while parents enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions.

How it works

Bookings is a service that allows parents and babysitters to schedule and pay for their appointments through our website and app.

Schedule a booking

There are a few steps between requesting a booking and the moment the babysitter gets paid.

  1. Request a booking - Once you find a babysitter you want to book, head to the messages and you’ll find the option to create a booking. Select the day, time and duration of the booking and send the request.
  2. Babysitter accepts booking
  3. Confirm the booking by paying - Once you pay for the booking, it will be confirmed. After the babysitting appointment has ended, the babysitter will receive the money earned within a few working days.

Cancel a booking

Canceling a booking can be done up to 60 minutes after the babysitting appointment has started. After this, cancellation and refund are no longer possible. Click cancel and indicate the reason for the cancellation. Once you have canceled the booking, you will automatically receive a refund for the booking within a few days.

When the booking is canceled due to the babysitter not showing up, we ask the parent to leave a review on the babysitter's profile. Did you not leave a review? Then the babysitter automatically receives a negative review after a few days.

Leave a review

How did the booking go? Don't forget to leave a review on the babysitter's profile. This way other families on Babysits can see if this babysitter is trustworthy and has done a good job.

If you do not leave a review, the babysitter will receive an automatic review after a few days.

Member Protection

We use a secure payment system that never shares any of your credit card or bank account details with other members. Paying through Babysits is cashless, convenient, and keeps your personal details safe and secure. To provide this and other member protection measures, we ask parents a 5% fee on top of the babysitting cost when paying through Babysits bookings.

Frequent asked questions

Once you log into your account, you can find all your scheduled bookings. You’ll see a tab labeled as “Bookings” right next to your Inbox. If this label is not visible, it means this feature is not available in your country.

Babysitters receive 100% of the money they’ve earned. Parents pay a 5% member protection fee on top of the babysitters earnings. At Babysits we recommend babysitters to use the platform for bookings because of its built-in security features, ease of use, and because it can help keep track of your earnings.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your booking, please contact the customer service.

For parents

Once the booking is accepted by the babysitter, you will receive a payment request. You can then pay for the booking to make it final. Once the payment has been made, the booking is confirmed.

Unfortunately, babysitters may not always accept your booking requests. When this happens, you can send them a message to remind them to accept the booking.

There may be a situation where something unexpected happens and the babysitter cancels the booking. When this happens, the payment of the booking will be refunded to you automatically. You will receive the refund within 5-10 business days. You can double check whether the booking has been officially canceled by visiting your booking page. If it hasn't, you can cancel the booking yourself. Canceled bookings will appear in your booking archive.

On the Account Payments page you can view your payment receipts for all completed bookings.

For babysitters

Before you can accept bookings, you need to let us know how we can pay you. You’ll have to do a one-time configuration of your payouts. To configure payouts, go to the payments page.

After successfully completing the babysitting appointment, you will receive the payment within 3-8 days. You will receive an email with the day we estimate the payment will be transferred. You can also check the payment on the bookings page.