Intake Form

We ask that parents and babysitters fill out this form together before the first babysitting appointment.

Babysits is a supply and demand platform. We facilitate parents in finding a babysitter and babysitters in finding a babysitting job. This means that community members are ultimately responsible for screening, interviewing, and making their choice.

Information child(ren)


Information parent(s)

Phone number:
Emergency number:

Information babysitter*

Phone number:
Name of babysitter's parents/guardians (if a minor):
Phone number of babysitter's parents/guardians (if a minor):

*Always ask for the babysitter to show an identity card at the intake. Never send your official ID by email to prevent identity fraud. For more information, go to the Trust and Safety page.

Other information

Location of emergency kit:
Nutritional information/allergies:

General Questions

Is the child potty trained?
How does the child react to strangers?
Can/will people stop by the house?
Can/will people call the house? What should the babysitter do?
What can be used in the house? What are the house rules?
What should the child be doing while the babysitter is over?
Which neighbors can the babysitter ask for help?

Routine (Food/Care):

Does the babysitter need to prepare food?
How often should the child be fed?
Where does the child sleep?
Are there any rituals when the child goes to bed?
Are there any rituals when the child wakes up?
What does the child love doing?
Does the child take any medications?
What snacks can the child eat?
Are there other things to keep in mind?

Make clear agreements:

When is the babysitter coming over to babysit?
How much will the babysitter be paid?
What other tasks are expected of the babysitter?
What are the rules set for the children?
Is the babysitter allowed to invite friends over or watch tv?
What should the babysitter do in case of illness?
When should the babysitter call the parents?
What time will the parents return?
Is there anywhere that is off limits?
Does the babysitter need to bring anything with them?